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July 19, 2023 | Mountain America Expo Center

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All Utah educators are invited to join me this summer for the second annual Show Up for Teachers conference focusing on educator wellness. Last summer's conference was a smashing success and we're excited to work together with community partners to bring this opportunity to Utah's teachers, school counselors and administrators again. Please check back for exciting updates!

-Utah First Lady Abby Cox

What is the state of educator wellness in Utah? 

Our educators are facing unprecedented levels of stress, burnout, and trauma as they continue to navigate the challenges of the pandemic and the current political climate. However, we are fortunate to have some of the most dedicated and talented teachers in our schools who are doing an amazing job in educating our children. Teachers are the backbone of our communities and deserve unwavering support.

Sadly, Utah has a high number of teachers leaving within their first five years of teaching, and we are losing some of our best and brightest educators. The primary reasons for leaving include emotional exhaustion/burnout and job-specific stressors. This is why it's crucial that we take better care of our teachers, who play a vital role in our communities.

We can do more to ensure that our educators receive the support they need to stay in the classroom and thrive. Let's give them the unwavering support they deserve and work together to alleviate the stress and burnout they experience. Our children's education is in their capable hands, and we owe it to both our teachers and our children to take action and give them the support they need to succeed.

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