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Utah is the #1 state for volunteerism. Our unique collective culture, made possible by people who truly care about one another, provides tremendous emotional and economic benefit to all Utahns. When we Show Up for Service, we’re demonstrating empathy in action.

To increase our collective sense of empathy, Utahns must show up to help, serve, lift, and inspire others. The First Lady envisions individuals, corporations, non-profits, and civic leaders rallying together to meet immediate and long-term needs in our communities. We’ll start with quarterly service projects around the state in partnership with the Governor’s Office.

As we Show Up for Service, we show that kindness and compassion are a way of life for the Cox/Henderson administration. We lead by example. We will show the world that empathy is a hallmark of being a citizen of the great state of Utah.

Show Up for Foster Care

Utah is home to some of the greatest parents the world has ever seen. With lives rooted in hard work and strong ethics, they’re raising up solid, resilient children who will form the backbone of Utah’s bright future.

Outside these strong bonds, Utah is also home to less-fortunate children in dire need of our love and support – Utah’s foster kids. With proper care and attention, we can give these beautiful and deserving children a chance for a bright and secure future. We need Utah’s parents to Show Up for Foster Children, extending their loving arms outward to guide, provide, and show empathy for these kids and for the families who open their arms to them. Utah can be the first state where no children are waiting to find loving homes.

Utah is home to thousands of amazing teachers and educators devoted to the state's children. Their heroic efforts to fight for quality education opportunities for all and their ability to adjust plans time and time again is inspiring.

Educators today are facing more challenges than ever before. The First Lady will ask Utahns to Show Up for Educator Wellness by hosting educator conferences and other forums dedicated to giving teachers and administrators the skills to improve personal resilience and emotional well-being as well as providing resources to elevate the culture of wellness in schools. Doing so will lead to greater academic outcomes, happier and more empathetic educators and students, and lasting positive effects for the future of Utah.

Show Up for Unified Sports

Some of the most inspiring athletes and role models aren’t the pros you see on TV – they’re the everyday Special Olympians among us in our schools and communities. The Special Olympics Unified Sports project pairs people with and without intellectual disabilities on the same teams – creating a fast and meaningful path to friendship and understanding.

Through promotion, partnership, and awareness, we will encourage Utahns to Show Up for Unified Sports. Introducing this life-changing program to additional schools and expanding Utah’s offerings to include additional sports and activities will foster greater empathy and understanding of our friends with intellectual disabilities and together we will reduce discrimination and prejudice.

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