June Focus

April Focus

In April Show Up for Service is working with Utah Businesses.  Please let us know what acts of service your business is doing in Utah this month. We would love to come and help!  We also want to count your acts of service and highlight you on our social media. #showuputah

Responding to this month’s Show Up challenge for businesses to get involved in serving in the community, the staff of the Boncom advertising agency will be serving at Utah’s Hogle Zoo to beautify and improve the grounds so the place will be more welcoming to their guests. Thank you Bonneville Communications for Showing Up with us in April!

Show Up and Bonneville Communications are uniting this month to help the Utah Hogle Zoo with a series of service projects to prepare the beautiful venue for spring time family visitors.  Volunteers will have an opportunity to get to know each other and the zoo staff and animals.

March Focus

Volunteer. Be a good Steward of Utah’s Environment

Find a volunteer opportunity near you online.

Utah Conservation Corps (UCC) recruits community volunteers to assist UCC AmeriCorps members in conservation and environmental education projects like habitat restoration and trail maintenance. To learn more about opportunities at UCC visit their website.

Various Federal Agencies (BLM, Forest Service, National Parks, Fish & Wildlife, etc.) consistently have need for volunteers to educate the public about natural resource, trails and routes maintenance, teach back country etiquette, lead hikes and more. To learn more about volunteering visit http://www.volunteer.gov and search Utah.

Utah State Parks are always in need of volunteers for trail maintenance, wilderness education, back country patrols, inventory of roads and trails, invasive weed removal, wildlife habitat improvement, watershed restoration, and fire prevention and more. Visit their webpage for more information on how to get involved.

The Back Country Horseman of Utah, Uintah Division are a group of volunteers that enjoy horseback riding and cleaning, marking and maintaining trails across the Uintah Basin. If you are interested in volunteering with them visit bchutah.org/

Take the Clean Air Challenge and encourage your friends and family to join in! The Clear the Air Challenge is a month long competition starting July 1st that gives you the chance to reduce your vehicle emissions by choosing alternative methods of transportation. Find out how you can make Utah’s air cleaner!

Utah Water Watch’s Mission is to encourage, educate and engage volunteers in monitoring water quality. They provide extensive training and all the equipment necessary to monitor waterways. They also utilize volunteers to teach watershed stewardship educational programs to youth, assist with outreach, tree planting, trash pickup and the creation of storm water drain signage.   Learn more about how you can engage.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources needs volunteers to provide hunter education, mend fences, reseed wildfire burn scars, as well as many other opportunities. Visit wildlife.utah.gov and search “volunteer”.

Utah Recycling Alliance's 7 R's for Recycling

Utah recycling alliance


1. Rethink your needs before making a new purchase, and consider alternatives like borrowing, renting, or thrifting.
2. Refuse to bring home what you do not need.
3. Reduce how much you use. Choose quality over quantity.
4. Reuse what you already have, for as long as you can.
5. Repair belongings when they need it.
6. Repurpose anything that no longer serves the original purpose.
7. Rot what remains if it can be composted or go into a green waste bin.

Recycling can vary by city as well as who is hauling your items away, it's best to call your waste collection company to verify what they're currently collecting. If you have something that isn't accepted in your curbside recycling (like stryofoam),  check out www.Earth911.com to see if there is a drop-off option for that material.Although there may be additional items allowed in some areas, in general, most curbside bins in Utah can accept:

aluminum cans
steel cans
clean cardboard
food boxes
plastic containers that have a lid
(ask your local reps if they want you to keep the lids on or off though!)
***Please don't bag your recyclables, leave them loose in the bin

February Focus

Ways you and your family can serve in your neighborhood:

1. Bring in a neighbor’s garbage can.
2. Pick up loose trash and litter while walking your dog.
3. Make valentines cards with your children and deliver them to new and old. neighbors.
4. If you are out running errands, offer to pick up groceries for a neighbor who may be homebound or overwhelmed.
5. Double your dinner and share it.
6. Meet the neighbor you don’t know.
7. Find a local opportunity to serve and invite neighbors to participate. (https://www.showuputah.org/resources)
8. Be thoughtful when you are driving in your neighborhood.  
9. Be cautious of your speed and wave to neighbors.
10. Help shovel walks (if it snows)
11. Visit your local care center and visit with residents. Play the piano, paint their nails, or share a magic trick.
12. Take thank you cards to your cities local public service providers.

January Focus

The First Lady is challenging Utahn’s to do 1,000,000 acts of service in 2022. Join us by:

1. Posting the 1-2-3 Challenge on Social Media
2. Use the hashtags #ShowUp and #ShowUpForService. Tag @ShowUpUtah
3. Mindfully invite three friends to join the movement by tagging them in the post.

1. Posting the 1-2-3 Challenge on Social Media

2. Use the hashtags #ShowUp and #ShowUpForService. Tag @ShowUpUtah

3. Mindfully invite three friends to join the movement by tagging them in the post.

1. Posting the 1-2-3 Challenge on Social Media

2. Use the hashtags #ShowUp and #ShowUpForService. Tag @ShowUpUtah

3. Mindfully invite three friends to join the movement by tagging them in the post.

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